Thunder Myst Cinderbella SH 


06.06.01 - 02.04.13

pictured w/Steve Bernock, July 2009


Belle is the littermate of HRCH Thunder Myst Monsoon MH "Raine" and is owned/loved by Larry Ellis of Tennessee.  When Belle first made her trek to Tennessee with her new owner, she received 1-1.5 yr. of training, ran some hunt tests and earned 3 AKC Senior Hunter passes.

Fast forward 6 years, and Belle returned to Thunder Myst Retrievers to see if she had what it takes to finish her senior title. Boy, does she!  With just three months of revisiting basics, drills and running set ups, Belle swept up her AKC Senior Hunter title in back-to-back passes at Wolverine Retriever Club in July 2009.  


 HR Thunder Myst (Riverrocks) 
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