Thunder Myst Kickin' Up Dust





Boots represents our fourth generation of Thunder Myst dogs. 
She is a high potential dog who started on the path with puppy competitive obedience training 
and is now in the process of transitioning to advanced field work.

 FC NAFC '14 Texas Troubadour FC AFC Weezer Retreezer FC AFC Carolinas Smoke on the Water
FC AFC Tequilla Sunrise IX
NFC FC AFC Candlewood's SomethingRoyal NFC FC AFC Maxx's Surprise
FC Candlewoods Homely Hannah
 Thunder Myst Black Pepper SH
      (3 master passes)
Lone Oak's Arkat Rascal MH FC AFC Watermark's the Boss
Lone Oaks Dixie Melody Girl
Thunder Myst Cinderbella SH HR Riverrocks Rush the Passer SH
SHR Thunder Myst Raging Storm RA RL1 CGC WC

Contact Information:

Steve & Betsy Bernock
810 955 4148


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