Thunder Myst Wyld Woman MNRH

aka "Master National Rabbit Hunter"


Jesse was the second rescue Jack Russell that made her way to Thunder Myst Retrievers.  In 1999 we caught wind that the Huron Valley Humane Society had a female JRT that had been returned 4 times!  What possibly could be so bad about a dog that she is adopted then returned that many times?

When we visited the shelter to meet Jesse, another couple had her outside on a leash. Jesse was walking with her head down, lacking any type of enthusiasm or connection to the folks who were walking her. We thought for sure that they would adopt her and we missed our chance.

We waited to enter the shelter until we saw that couple leave. Upon entering the shelter, Jesse was kenneled in the puppy area. We turned the corner to enter that portion of the shelter, and this very cute JRT looked at Steve and jumped up and down at him through the kennel, as though she was saying "It's about time you found me, Dad, now TAKE ME HOME!".

So we did. And Jesse was a wonderful companion spending the remainder of her years with us, watching the Labs work, going on roadtrips with us, and even occasionally driving the truck on those roadtrips. :)

Jesse's favorite pasttime, second only to hunting rabbits, was to sleep in the sun. She would find it anywhere.  Sleep well in the sunshine, sweet girl, until we meet again.




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