Thunder Myst Little Go Peeps PT1 PT2 PT3 NNC





*Peepers* earns her NACSW ORT1-Birch, ORT2-Anise, and ORT3-Clove on March 15, 2014.

Peepers is our current rescue Russell.  

  She follows a 16-year history of the breed for us and in the footsteps of DJ, Jesse, Luna, Stella, Storm, Jett and a few others who have graced our doorstep. 

   A few years ago we lost Jesse, a very special JRT that taught us each day that no matter what the challenge was in front of her, she would triumph.  Losing Jesse was incredibly tough, and shortly after we started looking for a way to patch the hole of that loss.  

   Along came "Peepers" - a Craigslist ad brought us together and when she passed the Goose test, 
we knew she was the one for us.







Contact Information:

Steve & Betsy Bernock
810 955 4148


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