HRCH  Thunder Myst Monsoon MH SH JH WCX


Summer training camp, July 2008


  Raine finished her Master Hunter title at Wolverine Retriever Club on July 26, 2009!

  Raine finished her UKC Hunting Retriever Champion title on October 26 at Coastal Empire HRC!

  Raine has had a great 2008 so far, earning 3 consecutive passes toward her AKC Master Hunter title, and two passes toward her 
  UKC Hunting Retriever Champion title

  Raine has earned her UKC HR title in 4 consecutive seasoned passes, May 2007! 

  Raine is the daughter of Blitz and Storm born June '01 (first litter for both).  We are pleased with the household manners and working 
  ability that are combined in this very sweet young lady.



URO1 UMJ Thunder Myst Wyld Goose Chase JH RN CW-ZR1 CW-OB1 RL1 WC CGC

UUJCH U-AG2 Thunder Myst Drew's All In RA RL2 WC CGC

Thunder Myst New Moon Rising FFX-AG MX MXJ OF AD CGC WC

Thunder Myst Sabre WC

Thunder Myst Mistral AX MXJ XF

Thunder Myst Riptide CGC

SHR Thunder Myst Raging Tempest JH WC


 HR Thunder Myst (Riverrocks) 
 Rush the Passer, SH WCX WC
2xNAFC FC 2xCNAFC Ebonstar Lean Mac CNFC CNAFC Waldorf's High Tech
Ebonaceae Princess, WCX
FC CFC Canterbury's Bet on Black FC AFC Black Gold's Kates Rascal
Candlewoods Canterbury Cando
SHR Thunder Myst Raging Storm RA RL1 WC CGC  FC AFC Dare to Dream FC AFC Wilderness Harley to Go
FC AFC Fishtrap Aggie
Basil Eden Pinky Westwood FC AFC Cookies' Spot'em Now
Lacey of Woodwinds

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